Ocean Springs TMJ

TMJ is an inflammation of the joint between your lower jaw and your skull. It can cause symptoms such as jaw pain, difficulty chewing and swallowing, facial pain, and headaches.

There are many possible causes for TMJ, including stress, bite alignment issues, chewing gum or fingernails, and grinding teeth. We offer TMJ diagnosis and treatment of TMJ symptoms and causes.

TMJ diagnosis

Diagnosis of TMJ begins with an examination of your jaw and mouth to detect any inflammation. We may take X-rays of your mouth, lower skull and neck to assist our diagnosis. We’ll also discuss your overall health, eating and sleeping habits to determine what is causing the TMJ.

TMJ treatment

When we treat TMJ we aim to reduce the inflammation in the joint and address the factors that are causing the TMJ.

To reduce inflammation, we may recommend anti-inflammatory medication, massage, stretches and jaw exercises and other treatments. Treatment of the causes of TMJ is determined by the cause and may include physiotherapy, orthodontic correction, bite appliances, stress reduction, and changes to your eating habits.

If you are suffering from the symptoms of TMJ, call our office to book an examination.

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